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Professional Delivery Management
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Refined Process & Technology

Being on the cutting edge of process and technology in every area of delivery operations is a key element that we believe elevates us above the rest of the industry.
We are constantly refining our procedures and technology to improve our process and remain the best at what we do. Our proprietary SPEEDYcode® system is unmatched in the industry, communicating status and service information for each delivery in real time via mobile texting. This code system clearly defines when a driver should communicate with dispatch and
the store, and generates a status report to allow for immediate follow up with a customer.

In addition, our SPEEDYrouting® system provides both powerful front end software integration with our clients, and provides detailed information on the back end for each delivery. This gives the client the ability to cross-contact with our drivers, dispatch and management at a moments notice, and provides automated invoicing reports to help track completed delivery information, which saves valuable time for you and your customer.