…or, our brand is growing (hopefully that last one). Matt Deter started Speedy Delivery LLC (SPEEDY) in 2000 by negotiating a multi-store partnership as a 3PL with the same furniture company that helped put him through college. When it came time to name his company, Matt wanted to find a way to communicate his personal values for how business should be done. “Doing business is too often simply transactional. But business is more than a transaction—it’s about relationships with real people.”

Mr. McFeely’s character from this popular kids’ television program represented more than a (speedy) transaction at each visit. Mr. McFeely became a beloved character and friend to Mister Rogers (and all who watched) because of the relationship that developed between them. To Matt, the “Speedy Delivery” catchphrase became a symbol for the ideal way commerce and customer service should coexistthe ideal partnership.

SPEEDY strives to build on this ideal and now partners with some of the top names in the retail industry. Our commitment to them is best captured through our mission to provide “Not Just Last Mile—The Extra Mile.” SPEEDY seeks to create a culture that inspires by finding people who take pride in what they do, who are always looking for ways to improve, and who care enough to treat every customer as their very own Mister Rogers.


About the owner:

The owner of Speedy Delivery, Matt Deter, continues his passion for music by volunteering at his local church and is involved in other community outreaches, including helping to create a faith-based 12-step recovery program in the Tri-Cities area, called Fresh Start. Father of two beautiful and full of life daughters, Chloe & Olive, and married to his beautiful wife, Sarah, Matt also has a passion for leadership development, business, basketball, corn on the cob, and movie references (you’re killin’ me, Smalls). Matt spends his free time writing and playing music and trying to keep in shape through recreational basketball with friends. Matt can confirm that white men truly can’t jump.