The Speedy Difference

At SPEEDY, we don’t just move items from A to B. We provide world-class services that are in tune with your unique needs and your customers’ expectations and satisfaction.


To achieve this level of service, we stand by what we call the 3C’s.

Character, Competence, Chemistry.


This is the Secret Sauce we instill in our team as we serve our partners.


One of our values as an organization is character. Partnerships are built on trust and we treat our obligation for trustworthiness and integrity as no joke. SPEEDY is always looking for ways to strengthen our character, which proves out in terms of our reliability, reputation, and referrals.


SPEEDY has a great program to ensure confidence in our performance, but we are never satisfied and are always looking for ways to improve. Part of our culture is to help create a unique “push/pull” relationship with our partners, where we find ways to challenge each other to grow and improve. We look for ways to create efficiencies in logistics, but also in keeping our partners on the cutting edge of the latest advancements, including flex capacity, improving customer experience (CX), cost savings, and other important areas.


SPEEDY believes we differentiate ourselves by what we bring to the table in terms of chemistry with our partners. We are “people” people and our ability to adopt our partners’ culture and develop strong loyalty and chemistry, we feel, is unique to what we do. We don’t want to be cookie-cutter or offer a menu of services and prices and tell clients they can “take it or leave it”. SPEEDY is intentional about remaining flexible and we want to challenge “ordinary”. We have found that, more and more, partners that have made a switch to SPEEDY did so just as often because of chemistry reasons as performance reasons. That is where SPEEDY has an advantage.


Our Goal is Your Gain

Working with a delivery company shouldn’t be transactional. It should be personal. At Speedy Delivery we want to be your business partner.  The relationship we build with your organization is holistic. We want to understand every aspect about your business goals, aspirations, and challenges. As we do, we can identify how the Speedy Delivery team can help through our services, expertise, and experience. We want to help you grow your business by making it more efficient.

Here is how we can help:



Don’t have a delivery process or provider? We can be your go-to team! We provide a comprehensive solution, with no worry, hands-off service for your organization.



Not satisfied with your current delivery provider? We can take over! We can fix areas that are falling short, whether it’s customer service, logistics, timeliness, or organization. You name it, we will work to solve it.



Have a delivery process or team in place, but it’s not running as smoothly as you like? We can fill in the gaps. We have experience working with other delivery systems and teams and will leverage our services and capabilities to strengthen your delivery function.



Already working with a 3PL? No problem. Let us be your safety valve! When your business is growing, delivery of your goods will grow. Having a qualified back-up provider can be a relief for your booming business.


When partnering with Speedy Delivery LLC, you can expect service that is unmatched in this industry. Connect with us now to learn how we can help you!

Speedy Delivery is committed to providing cutting-edge capabilities and innovative technologies to get the job done.


We can provide all the essential components to create a delivery process for your organization or use specific capabilities and technologies to augment, strengthen, and complete your internal delivery system.


Our White Glove home delivery service goes above and beyond, delivering directly to the customer and taking the time to really make them feel special. This service identifies and tailors to each customer’s needs.


We provide:

  • Dedicated equipment and uniformed delivery teams
  • Pre-delivery merchandise inspection
  • White Glove assembly and deluxing services
  • Blanket-wrapped delivery to any room of the customer’s home
  • Regular demonstrations and how-to training of new product features and requirements
white glove services
services with a smile


SPEEDY ensures organized storage and distribution of your furniture and appliances. It’s our logistics managers that keep us on track, efficient and effective, meeting the needs of our retailers and our customers. We have a proactive approach in bringing ideas to you for improvement. SPEEDY considers it our job to always be looking out for your bottom line. When volume fluctuates or service areas change, SPEEDY is always ready to adjust with you.


Some benefits of working with Speedy Delivery LLC:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Dedicated problem solvers
  • Well-equipped fleet
  • On-time delivery
  • Manage complex needs


Our expert team of route planners increase route efficiency while our dispatch division ensures accuracy and provides real time oversight of the drivers. Using the latest in mobile technologies, we communicate with our clients, customers and drivers in real time all day. Complete control of our phone directory ensures that every call made to our offices is answered or returned without delay.


Other services we offer include:

  • Consultation on delivery schedules
  • Automated pre-delivery notifications
  • Automated post-delivery surveys
  • Online customer tracking of delivery status and ETA
routing and dispatch services


SPEEDY ensures organized storage, care and distribution of your furniture and appliances. Whether your operation needs a simple cross-dock solution or full service warehousing, we will partner with you to meet the needs of you and your customers. SPEEDY can match the logistics needs to the scale of your operation so that you can focus on selling. We know that a successful delivery process starts in the warehouse and on the loading dock with a team that is focused on retail warehouse support.


We can provide:

  • Basic cross-dock service
  • Full receiving and distribution
  • Expert repair tech service
  • Professional delivery prep process


Our reporting system provides our customers with critical and in-depth information they wouldn’t be able to obtain on their own. Our online database tracks the delivery from start to finishing, allowing SPEEDY to identify any efficiency problems along the way.


SPEEDY uses both powerful front end software integration with our clients and provides detailed information on the back end for each delivery. This gives the client the ability to cross-contact with our drivers, dispatch and management at a moment’s notice, and provides automated invoicing reports to help track completed delivery information, which saves valuable time for you and your customer.


We provide data that can:

  • Help with real-time decision making
  • Ensure deliveries and employees meet your operating standards and quality
  • Assist in future forecasting and planning
  • Identify trends related to customer satisfaction, process improvements and efficiencies


Our commitment at SPEEDY is to provide expert analysis for the supply chain. Finding ways to run a lean operation is essential to our clients and is something that needs both constant attention and intention. Whether its recommending improvements in current processes or suggesting new methods of operation, SPEEDY can customize solutions that reduce waste and increase efficiency.


Our goal is to:

  • Create delivery solutions to satellite markets
  • Reduce inventory risk
  • Eliminate waste
  • Increase efficiency of operations
  • Reduce cost


When partnering with Speedy Delivery LLC, you can expect service that is unmatched in this industry. Connect with us now to learn how we can help you!